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Russian foreign minister to focus on trade in the Netherlands

MOSCOW, October 28 (RIA Novosti) - During his upcoming visit to the Netherlands on October 30, Russia's foreign minister will give priority to trade and economic ties between the two countries, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Andrei Nesterenko said the Netherlands is "one of Russia's major trade and economic partners" and "not only a leading consumer and distributor of Russian natural gas in Europe but also a major foreign investor in gas exploration."

He said Sergei Lavrov will also discuss opportunities for future Russian-Dutch projects in energy, agriculture, transport, hi-tech, infrastructure, telecommunications, and support for small and medium-sized businesses, including on the regional level.

Nesterenko said the two parties would also consider a number of intergovernmental economic agreements, in particular, on the mutual protection of capital investment.

Yana Zagoruy

Multifunctional Sport's Center in Lesnaya Poliana, satellite-town of Kemerovo

In April 2008 Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff and the Foundation of developing of Lesnaya Poliana made an agreement to create pre-concept of the development of sport's and recreational area in Lesnaya Poliana.

Lesnaya Poliana is an experimental investment project of comprehensive urban development in Russia. It is 15 minutes' drive from the center of Kemerovo with convenient transport connections.
Some 1,142,000 sq.m. of housing is under construction. By 2015, the total population will have reached about 25,000. More than 1,800 young families will become owners of comfortable housing.
Useful links:
www.investinginrussia.ru/projects/8771/ and www.kemerovopromstroy.ru

The result of this work became creation besides of big sport's recreational center,  mutlifunctional center of winter kinds of sport.

Now it is possible to see the preconcept of this center:


This center should have big inner  yard with glass roof because in Kemerovo cold time prevails over warm time. Besides it's suggested to use special heated glass for the roof. In the inner yard it should be possible to organise festivals, fairs, different celebrations, conferences.


There are very good facsilities for sportsmen to go in for sport and common people to have fun. Inside the building one can find some fitness halls, gym, swimming pool, sauna, and also reastaurant and cafe. Near the sport's Center a hotel is planned to build which should be used by sportmen as well as any individual. It is planned to organise in future big sport's competition, develop children's and youth sport.


Yana Zagoruy

Photo Presentation of Dutch artists who visited Kemerovo in May 2008

It is always interesting and exciting to get feedback about your work. Five Dutch artists who visited Kemerovo in May 2008 decided to make photo presentation about their trip and show what impressed them most of all, what they liked and didn't expect to see.

I am very thankful to Ronald who is the author of this presentation. He collected all the photos and discussed with other artists how this presentation should look like. Here is original link to presentation in PowerPoint and pdf files  drop.io/kemerovo









Yana Zagoruy

Foreign investments including from the Netherlands, according to info of Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce

Total international capital in the economics of Kuzbass made 573,2$ million in the end of 2006. During 9 months the region got 278,1$ million from 15 countries. At the same time the quantity of direct investments increased in 1,9%. The biggest investors were Austria and Luxemburg. 

The amount of investments from the Netherlands was 1 158 000$ (0,3% from the whole volume of foreign investments) in 2006.
On the 1st of January 2006 there were 123 enterprises using foreign investments: 112 – foreign countries, 11 – countries from former Soviet Union 3 joint ventures were organized with the Netherlands. 
Yana Zagoruy

Kuzbass Foreign Trade according to the information from Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce

Foreign trade for Kemerovo region (Kuzbass) is one of the key aspects of regional development because the regional economics is highly export orientated. 

Turnover of the foreign trade in 2006 in Kuzbass made 7,1$ billion. In comparison with 2005 the turnover increased on 29,3%. Kuzbass ranks second in Siberian Federal District as it provides 1/5 part (19,2%) of all the turnover of the Federal Siberian District

Structure of turnover of Kuzbass: export – 90%, import – 10%. 

Today Kuzbass enterprises have commercial relations with companies from 70 foreign countries. The biggest volume of foreign trade operations are with China, UK, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, Japan, Taiwan and Iran (68,2% of Kuzbass turnover in terms of cost). 
Yana Zagoruy

Cooperation between the Netherlands and Kuzbass, according to Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce

Twurnover of Kuzbass enterprises made with the Netherlands in 2006 made 207,6$ million. In comparison with 2005 it increased on 59,3$ million (40%). The Netherlands made 2,9% of all the turnover of the region, in 2005 it was 2,7%. 

Structure of the turnover with the Netherlands:
export – 99%
import – 1%

Kuzbass exports to the Netherlands
coal (84% of all export to the country) and 
ferrous metal (16%). 

Kuzbass imports from the Netherlands
goods from rubber (75% of all import turnover from the Netherlands), 
vegetables (12%), 
other chemical goods (9%). 
Yana Zagoruy

Presentation of Project KEBEN, Netherlands-Russian President's Programme 2007

Let me introduce you presentation of my project of Kuzbass-Europe Business Exchange Network which I developed and fulfilled when took part in the Netherlands-Russian President's Programme in 2007.

I met with all mentioned companies and organisations. It was beginning of my present activities. I found out that I like to meet with people, invite and involve into international communication, support and establish business contacts.

















Yana Zagoruy

Smiemans Projecten - Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff

I already wrote about "Smiemans Projecten". In Kemerovo we, Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff, architect, and I, negotiate to build Botanical Garden and Eco Park in Novokuznetsk and some other projects. 

"Smiemans Projecten" is original Dutch family company which makes innovative glass constructions. They combine in their work strength, high quality and expression. Their main product is the Hight Light construction - completely unique curved glasshouse concept which suits for garden centers, botanical glasshouses etc. 

Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoof has extensive experience as architect. he had two architectural offices, specialized on living accommodation on oil and gas platforms. Now he cooperates with "Smiemans Projecten" and make projects of garden centers, botanical gardens.

Here are the articles about one of the last projects of "Smiemans projecten" and Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff - award winning Wisley Botanical glasshouse, London, United Kingdom. It was built to celebrate the bicentenary of the Royal Horticultural Society

Wisley Glasshouse, Surrey, United Kingdom
"...The construction project called for a purpose-built solution to collect, store and re-use rainwater – which would ordinarily have been lost into the drainage system – to meet the irrigation needs of the greenhouse’s array of plants.
The building was built using state-of-the-art technological advances in structural design, with high-strength, curved tempered glass used to maximise light transmission and thermal efficiency..."
Full article at http://www.water-technology.net/projects/wisley/index.html 

In a glass of its own, Telegraph.co.uk
"The inspiring new Glasshouse and superbly landscaped surroundings are a bold move that takes RHS Wisley into the 21st century, says Stephen Lacey..."
"...The Glasshouse is massive, with 12.5m (41ft) high ridges arching over a display area equivalent to 10 tennis courts, and a further 1,500sqm of behind-the-scenes growing space in what was once a field beyond the rock and water gardens. The society saved money by opting against an architectural flight of fancy, and instead went for a variation on a commercial glasshouse, designed by the architect Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff and manufactured by Smiemans Projecten...." 
Full article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/main.jhtml?xml=/gardening/2007/06/29/gwisley29.xml

RHS Glasshouse aims to nurture tender plants and young minds, Independent.co.uk
"It's as big as 10 tennis courts, as high as three double-decker buses and it houses more than 5,000 plants, including orchids, tree ferns, cacti and bananas. But the statistics, though impressive, do not give you any idea of what it is like to step inside the Royal Horticultural Society's new garden under glass..."
Full article at http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/rhs-glasshouse-aims-to-nurture-tender-plants-and-young-minds-453296.html